Principles of Leadership


When a child wakes in the middle of the night and begins to cry, his voice will cause parents not only to wake up, but also to get up and take all of the necessary steps to deal with the issue.  Even though small and helpless, that baby demonstrated something special called influence.  Though limited, that baby has an incredible amount of influence in its home.

Leadership is a special voice God has given to everyone, some more than others.  It should be viewed not only as a gift from God, but also as a responsibility to exercise under God’s control.  Whether it is found in the life of a pastor, teacher, parent or young person, leadership is something that can be developed and used for God’s glory.  Likewise, it can also be a tool of destruction that can be abused by selfishness.


Sunday school lessons from BCA Publications are authored by our pastor, Dr. Mike Holloway.  Each lesson is carefully studied and prepared from the King James Bible, so you can be confident that it is doctrinally sound.  Our material has been used in an independent, fundamental, soul winning, separated, Baptist church since the founding of our college in 1993.

Each book is comb-bound for ease of use while teaching and preaching.

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