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From the President

                In 1982, I was a Navy pilot flying A-7 Corsairs off of the USS Forrestal and had just surrendered to full-time Christian service.  My pastor asked me to pray about joining his staff as an assistant pastor.  I resigned my commission in the Navy and became an assistant pastor in 1983, with no Bible training at all!  Though I had a B.S. degree in Aerospace Technology from a state university, I felt somewhat at a loss teaching the Bible.  As the principal of a Christian school, I was unable to attend a local Bible college because it only offered daytime classes.  I began attending a Baptist seminary in the area which was “supposed to be” the most conservative Southern Baptist seminary in the country.  I attended this seminary while working on a Master’s degree and felt frustrated because the professors constantly degraded the King James Bible and ridiculed Fundamentalists.  During this time of frustration, I was introduced to a Bible correspondent program that offered graduate studies.  I quit the traditional seminary and enrolled in the correspondence department and was greatly impressed with the quality of its courses.  I completed a Master of Theology and a Doctor of Ministry through that school and actually felt that I had “earned” these degrees because of the intensity of the required work.  This was not the first time that I had been exposed to correspondence studies.  When I was undergoing Naval Pilot training, a large portion of the ground school (fuel, hydraulic, power plant systems, etc.) was conducted through correspondence materials.  In 1988, I became the pastor of Temple Baptist Church in Kokomo, Indiana and once again felt the desire to expand my education.  In 1990, I began driving 125 miles one way to a local Bible college.  It took 2 years and 24,000 miles to finally walk the aisle with a diploma in hand.  At the same graduation service, I also received an honorary doctorate.

                Baptist College of America is the result of those frustrating days of wanting to attend a Bible college and not being able to because of my duties in the ministry and those difficult days of driving five hours round trip through snow storms and weariness, trying to further my education while pastoring a church at the same time.  BCA is a Bible college that offers courses that are applied in a soul winning, separated Baptist church while also offering the same courses and degrees through correspondence.  It is my desire to help the preacher, evangelist, missionary or full-time Christian worker who is already laboring in the field to further their education without their needing to leave their work.  Also, it is my desire to allow Sunday school teachers, bus workers, and lay people in general to better prepare themselves for serving the Lord in the various ministries of their own  local church.

Dr. Mike Holloway

President and Founder

Our Philosophy

There is a very significant philosophical difference between BCA and other Bible colleges of which one needs to be made aware.

  • We offer degrees and diplomas through our correspondent division because we believe that it is the scriptural responsibility of the local church to teach and train their own people. Therefore, there is not always a need for a married couple to go away to a distant college if they are already actively involved in a vibrant, soul winning, separated church; nor is it a mandate from heaven for every solid, mature young person to leave a good local church while preparing themselves for God’s service.  BCA offers the best of both worlds, depending upon the needs of the individual and the desires of the parents and pastor.
  • Our “Religious Education” program does not allow one to “specialize” in elementary or secondary education for the simple reason that we are training servants, not specialists!  The typical graduate needs the training and flexibility to teach teenagers or first graders.
  • Our “Ministry” program offers all preachers the same basic preparation, with minimal emphasis on a specific major.  The reason is that there is no difference between the training of a pastor and an assistant pastor!  Both need to learn how to follow and to serve, and both need the same teaching in the various ministries.  Missionaries also need to learn that if door-to-door soul winning worked for Paul, it will work anywhere in the world because it  is God’s formula for building His church and not an “American phenomenon!”
  • Our “Marriage and Motherhood” program is geared for preparing ladies to be godly wives to husbands.  This program helps each lady understand her place in the ministry and how to be a better helpmeet to her husband, whether he be a pastor, assistant, missionary, evangelist, deacon, Sunday school teacher, or bus captain.  This program offers the most electives, thus enabling a single lady who feels drawn to the mission field to prepare herself academically in missions and Christian education without the stigma that she is going there to be a church planter.

Our Staff

One of the most unique characteristics of Baptist College of America is our curriculum.  From its beginning in 1993, BCA has attempted to develop a curriculum that is devoted to three crucial areas of Christianity.  First, our curriculum is based upon the King James Bible.  We make no apologies for our position, and it is one that will not change.  Secondly, our curriculum is richly steeped in the writings of godly men of the past who were greatly used by God, such as, Charles Spurgeon, D. L. Moody, A. W. Tozer, Lee Roberson, and others.  While pursuing studies through BCA, it will be possible to build a rich library of material written by spiritual giants of the past.  Finally, our curriculum is focused on building and honoring the local church and its pastors.  Baptist College of America views itself as nothing more than a tool of the local church that can be used by pastors to further build their ministry and people. 

Programs of Study


This course of study prepares men for a specific area of ministry in the local church.  A student may earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate in this field.


This line of study prepares one as a Christian school teacher (elementary and  secondary), an administrator, or principal. A student may earn a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate in this field.


A generalized course of study is available and designed for the student who is either undecided on a particular area of ministry or is wanting a concentration of study in Bible.  One may earn a Bachelor’s or Master’s in this field or continue to a more specialized area of study.


This course of study is designed to count as thirty-two credits toward a Bachelor degree, sixteen credits toward a Master’s degree, or eight credits toward a Doctorate.


The one year leadership program is designed to count as thirty-two credits toward a Bachelor degree, sixteen credits toward a Master’s degree, or eight credits toward a Doctorate.


Christian Counseling is available on the Master’s level for the professional in his field who wants a deeper training in Christian counseling.


A course of study in Theology is available on the Master’s level for the student who desires to major in Bible. 


The Ph.D. is an extremely intensive study majoring in world religions. The Ph.D. is a second year program that follows the one-year doctorate.

For a more detailed look at the programs and courses for our Undergraduate and Seminary Divisions or for a complete list of the courses we offer, tap the corresponding links below.

Financial Information

Explanation of Fees

Application Fee: A fee of $40 must accompany each application for admission. No refunds will be granted for any reason.

Registration Fee: There is a charge of $55 each time a student registers for classes (every thirty-two credits).

Tuition Fee: The full-time tuition rate for a year is as follows:

  • Undergraduate – $1,800.00 (per 32 credit hours)
  • Master’s Degree – $2,150.00 (per 32 credit hours)
  • Doctorate – $2,500.00 (per 32 credit hours)

Tuition Fee for individual courses: Individual courses are available at a rate of $150.00 per credit hour for undergraduate level, $170.00 per credit hour for master’s level, and $195.00 per credit hour for doctorate level. There is a $5.00 registration fee for each course.

All tuition prices are subject to change.

Handling of Accounts

The college and seminary require all fees and tuition to be paid at enrollment.  However, if installments are desired, a plan is available.  If a student selects one of the payment plans listed below, the student will be liable for the full amount.

Bachelor Program Tuition


Masters Program Tuition


Doctorate Program Tuition



The application/evaluation fee, as well as the registration fee, are non-refundable.  Tuition refunds will be given only if the student withdraws within fifteen days after receiving the study materials.  In case of involuntary call to military duty, the college and seminary will refund seventy percent of the remaining unused tuition.  Remember, the signing of the application is considered the signing of a contract with BCA and the student is liable for the entire amount of the program in which he enrolls.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I have to complete a course?

A student may work at his own pace when completing course work.  As long as at least one course is returned within a six- month period, the student’s file will remain active.

Do I have to come to BCA for anything?

Since BCA is a correspondence college, all course work is completed at home and submitted via mail or email to be graded.  BCA does hold a commencement service each spring for the graduates, but attendance is not mandatory.

Does BCA offer credit for life experience?

Yes, BCA will evaluate credit for life experience based upon a student’s duties while in full-time Christian service as a paid staff member.

How do I submit my courses?

Course work may be submitted by mailing the courses to the college or by attaching the course to an email. 

Am I required to purchase my books through BCA?

No.  While BCA does offer all the books used for the courses, each student may purchase his own copy of the book from another source if he so desires.

Do I have to take any tests?

No.  Most of the courses utilize a question bank.  When you order a course, you will receive a requirement sheet and a set of questions for that course.  You will be graded on your answers to the questions.

Since I have signed up for one year, do I have to be finished one year from today?

No.  If you are on a twelve-month payment plan, your payments will be completed in one year, but you can finish your work at your own pace.

When can I start?

You may register and begin classes at any time.

Two Methods of Study…Same Curriculum

BCA offers the choice of an online program or our traditional program that we have used since our beginning.  With students from various countries around the world, we offer options that are customized to a particular need.  Both options utilize the same textbooks and question banks.  Both require the same format in responses.  The difference lies in the availability of internet access and personal preference.  Some of our students prefer to handwrite their answers while others prefer to type them and mail a printed copy or email them. Online students are those who have no issues with internet access or availability. You can apply for either option below.

Contact Us

If you have any questions, feel free to contact the office and we will help you choose a personalized program to meet your current situation and needs.