Doctorate Program

From: $94.00 / month for 24 months and a $305.00 sign-up fee

Sign up fee includes:

  • Registration Fee $55
  • Down payment of $250 or $500 depending on payment plan chosen

Payment plan options are as follows:



Baptist College of America and Seminary is the graduate division of BCA and shares the same general aims of the college.  The degrees offered through the seminary may be earned in the correspondence  program.  BCA’s correspondence (home study) program provides the student an opportunity through advanced studies to earn either the Master’s or Doctorate degree.


Applicants must be mature Christian adults and hold a Bachelor’s degree from BCA or an acceptable college before being allowed to enroll in one of the graduate programs.  At seminary level, only certain life credits are available.  Enrollment for all Master and Doctorate degrees requires acceptance by the administration.


The thesis can be used as an elective; however, for the Doctor of Philosophy, it is part of the core requirements and counts as six credits.  Three areas of choice will be sent by the student to the college.  The college will choose one and notify the student. If a special subject is requested within the degree range, it must be approved prior to commencing.  Once a thesis has been decided, change is only possible with the permission of the administration.

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Monthly Payment Plan

12 Month – 0% Discount, 18 Month – 0% Discount, 24 Month – 0% Discount, 12 Month – 5% Discount, 18 Month 5% Discount, 24 Month – 5% Discount, Pay in Full – 10% Discount

3 reviews for Doctorate Program

  1. Pastor Fidel M. Hughes, Mesa, AZ

    Pastor Fidel M. Hughes, Mesa, AZ

    “Baptist College of America really works for me being a busy pastor in the Phoenix area. I’ve found the Doctor of Ministry program to be affordable, challenging and uncompromising. The college has been a blessing to me spiritually and academically; I highly recommend it!”

    Pastor Fidel M. Hughes, Mesa, AZ

  2. Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

    Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

    “Without a doubt, BCA is a first-class organization! The course and curriculum were phenomenal! As a correspondence student, every time I received a course, I marveled at the work that went into creating each one. Thank you, BCA.”

    Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

  3. Dr. Mark S. Smith, LaPorte, IN

    Dr. Mark S. Smith, LaPorte, IN

    “I must say Dr. Holloway was extremely flexible each time I personally talked with him in tailoring for me this particular degree. He rearranged things for me to meet my specific needs. I have only good things to say about your school and have confidently told others about your school.”

    Dr. Mark S. Smith, LaPorte, IN

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