Navigating the Storms of Life Volume 2

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It is not easy being the second man.  It is not easy living and working in the shadow of a great person.  In an orchestra, it is called playing second fiddle.  It means that you’re good, but not good enough to be a first chair violinist.  In football, it is called the second-string quarterback.  In basketball, it is referred to as being the sixth man.  No matter what it is called, it is referring to a position where a talented individual is doing a lot of the important work and yet he is typically getting much less praise or attention than the person they are working with or for.  It is such a difficult role to fill because it deals with pride.  Pride will always be an ongoing problem in the flesh.  Here is the thing that is huge!  That second-string person’s role is huge! 

From the sermon titled “The Man Who Got No Respect.”


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    Excellent teaching.

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