Bible Characters – Volume 3

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This is an amazing collection of Bible characters written in a format that can be taught as a Sunday School lesson or preached from the pulpit.  These characters offer great insight into the dos and don’ts that are applicable to every generation.  One favorite lesson has to do with Esau which is entitled “The Man I Would Like to See in Heaven.”  While he obviously had some issues in relation to his brother Jacob, he also had some outstanding qualities and great potential.  In his later years, for example, we are told that he had allowed himself to be wronged by his conniving brother while also earning God’s reward of Mt. Seir (Deut. 2:2-5).


Sunday school lessons from BCA Publications are authored by our pastor, Dr. Mike Holloway.  Each lesson is carefully studied and prepared from the King James Bible, so you can be confident that it is doctrinally sound.  Our material has been used in an independent, fundamental, soul winning, separated, Baptist church since the founding of our college in 1993.

Each book is comb-bound for ease of use while teaching and preaching.

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2 reviews for Bible Characters – Volume 3

  1. Russ Hass

    These books were excellent. The content and the thought process of Pastor Holloway and how he describes the Bible characters with correlation to what he perceived the Lord to be doing in each of their lives made me realize that studying the Bible is a never-ending process and that we can always continue to learn. It really helped me as I do not deserve his blessings. I perceive after this studying that I could have fallen into the categories of some of the worst characters in the Bible in my younger years and not as a Daniel, Joshua, or a Moses. Studying these characters also gave me a deeper understanding of the Lord, and where I need to surrender more in my life with the Lord and ask for help where I need help. It is quite a remarkable feat to cover these characters like Dr. Holloway has done, and I am grateful to be a recipient of the wisdom and knowledge passed down by him.

  2. Sarah Summers

    Dr. Holloway’s works on the Bible Characters are a must read for every Christian. He has the amazing ability of taking surface information off of the page and revealing deeper truths about each Bible character that would be missed in a brief reading of Scripture. It is evident that a great deal of work, study, and intellect support his writing. Not only are these books full of spiritual truth, but each point includes personal application so the reader’s heart is constantly moved with conviction to improve one’s own spiritual condition. I would highly recommend their continued use and believe that these books should become common household titles in Christian homes everywhere.

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