The Fog of War


As the wisest man in the world, Solomon was used by God to write three books of the Bible and to reign during Israel’s golden era which was the most peaceful and profitable time in its history.  What happened?  How did the wisest man become the biggest fool?  His downfall came about by something called the fog of war.  It is the resulting confusion that takes place on the battlefield.  Fear combined with the obvious danger of battle tend to warp perspectives and complicate normally simple solutions.  While Solomon’s divine wisdom is visible in the book of Proverbs, it is the book of Ecclesiastes that reveals the wisdom of life that stems from trial and error, chastening, and a certificate of completion from God’s School of Hard Knocks.


Sermon series from BCA Publications are preached by our pastor, Dr. Mike Holloway and co-pastor, Dr. Jim Willoughby.  Each sermon is carefully studied and prepared from the King James Bible, so you can be confident that they are doctrinally sound.  Our material has been used in an independent, fundamental, soul winning, separated, Baptist church since the founding of our college in 1993.

Each sermon series comes in a protective 2-ring album, one sermon per CD stored in protective sleeves.

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