Bachelor’s Program Payment Plan ($1800 Before Discounts)

From: $65.00 / month for 24 months with 1 month free trial and a $305.00 sign-up fee

*Please note:  If you have not yet filled out an application and paid the $40 application fee, please do so here.*

Sign up fee includes:

  • Registration Fee $55
  • Down payment of $250 or $500 depending on payment plan chosen

Payment plan options are as follows:



The undergraduate program is a four-year program that is the entry level into college.  It is the starting point for the high school graduate who is beginning his college studies.  Once a person has earned his undergraduate degree, he would then be eligible for graduate study, which would include the Master’s degree followed by a Doctorate, if desired.


Listed below are the undergraduate majors or areas of concentration which may be sought in the applicable field of study.  All programs of study (undergraduate and graduate)  require Baptist History I and II.  Electives are to be chosen from the List of Courses and are left to the discretion of the student.


Degree                                                                         Major

Bachelor of Ministry (B.S.)                               Pastoral/Assistant Theology

Bachelor of Ministry (B.S.)                               Missions

Bachelor of Religious Education (B.R.E.)          Administrative Education

Bachelor of Religious Education (B.R.E.)          Elementary/Sec. Education*

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.A.)                    Marriage & Motherhood**

Bachelor of Biblical Studies (B.A.)                    Bible/Counseling


*This major offers a degree with the ability to teach in either elementary or secondary.  It is generally easier to go from elementary to secondary, rather than vice versa.  Also, due to the changing climate of Christian schools, it is best to be flexible in BOTH areas of teaching.


**Marriage and Motherhood major:  This program is designed specially for ladies who are wives or prospective wives of full-time Christian workers.  This program is exceptionally suited for the preacher’s wife, whether she be the wife of a missionary, pastor, assistant pastor, or teacher.  This would also be available for any woman in the church who is desiring a well-rounded Christian education and wants to find her place in the local church and in the will of God.


If no major or area of concentration is desired or chosen, the student will automatically be enrolled in the Biblical Studies division of BCA.


For a detailed list of the programs and lists of courses for each program, visit our Undergraduate Division information page.

Additional information

Down Payment

$250, $500 (5% Discount), $1,620 (10% Discount)

Plan Length

12 Months, 18 Months, 24 Months, None

4 reviews for Bachelor’s Program Payment Plan ($1800 Before Discounts)

  1. William E. Lamb, Crestline, OH

    William E. Lamb, Crestline, OH

    “Baptist College of America feeds my desire to grow in the Lord. Each lesson I receive inspires me to learn more; they are very informative.”

    William E. Lamb, Crestline, OH

  2. John E. Miller, Jr., Columbus, GA

    John E. Miller, Jr., Columbus, GA

    “Being in the military, it is really difficult to find the time to take good, fundamental Baptist college courses. Baptist college of America gives me the opportunity to receive my degree while still serving my country and preparing for the years after I retire from the Army.”

    John E. Miller, Jr., Columbus, GA

  3. James E. Wilson, Dowagiac, MI

    James E. Wilson, Dowagiac, MI

    “The curriculum associated with the Master of Theology program at BCA served to reinforce all that I thought I knew, clarify some issues that remained yet unclear to me, and instruct me on matters that I had yet to consider. What a blessing it was to read the works of these great men of God that had been selected as texts for the course.”

    James E. Wilson, Dowagiac, MI

  4. Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

    Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

    “Without a doubt, BCA is a first-class organization! The course and curriculum were phenomenal! As a correspondence student, every time I received a course, I marveled at the work that went into creating each one. Thank you, BCA.”

    Robert J. Stoodley, Ledyard, CT

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